Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Starting Kindergarten...sort of

Today was Lanie's first day at R. Elementary. She doesn't turn 5 until September so she misses the cut off for kindergarten. But R. Elem is a school for home schooled kids where they go 1-2 days per week to get all the extra curricular stuff like computers, music, P.E., as well as some reading and math. Their cut off isn't until December, so Lanie was able to start that. One of her friends, Becca, is in her class. Becca's Mom does homeschool her kids and raves about R. Elem, so we thought we'd give it a try. Lanie was so excited. Next year she will do kindergarten again through our elementary school. No way I could homeschool my kids- I'm sure I would totally mess them up! :)
I feel dumb because I know she will still be home with me most days, but it was still so hard to leave her there! She of course had no problem, she was so excited to be with her friend and her new teacher, and especially to have her own lunch box full of wonderful food! We spent a lot of time discussing and deciding what would go in that lunch box.

I can't wait until 3:30!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Last week my good friends from Albuquerque, Kathy and Maria, came to visit. I was so excited, it was so fun to see them, I've missed you guys so! We did a lot of swimming, and a trip to IKEA and of course the Cheesecake Factory. Kathy's family is moving to Washington, D.C. next month, so our next reunion will have to be there.
Lanie and Autumn had a blast with Rachel, Kate, Josh, Jake, and Sam. They were in playgroups together when we were in Albuquerque, so it was a great reunion for them, and they were so sad to have their friends leave.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dean's Fishing Trip

Dean just got back from a 5 day fishing trip in the San Juan islands. He was invited to go with his boss and 3 other guys from work. They had a great time. We were pretty lonesome without him, but I am glad he had such a good trip...and he promised to paint our kitchen for me this month in return! Not a bad deal.

Crab for dinner... Dean brought an ice chest full of frozen fish home
to enjoy!

Dean sat up front with the pilot as they flew out to the island where the boat was.

While Dean was gone, I painted the girl's playroom. I can't wait to decorate it...even though I admit I am lacking in creativity skills, I think their room is going to be really fun to do and turn out pretty cute. How can you go wrong when you have IKEA?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diane Loves David!!

We are so excited Diane and David got engaged!
I can't believe our little Diane is old enough to get married! We love David and are happy to have him as part of our family.
We are planning on November in the Mesa temple.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Nancy!

My wonderful Mother in Law had a birthday while we were in Utah. We planned a little suprise party that was so fun! The whole family was able to make it- we told Nancy we wouldn't be coming until Sunday, but we drove up to Salt Lake on Saturday with Brittany's family (who are in St. George). Pete and Tiff met us at Gecko's restaurant, and Dean showed up with Nancy a few minutes later. She was so surprised! We all got a good laugh afterwards rewatching the video as she came around the corner and then jumped back into the tree behind her. Of course it wouldn't be complete without a few tears too. It was fun to spend the weekend together with everyone.
Family hike up Little Cottonwood...or was it Big Cottonwood?

Trip to Utah

Our family just got back from spending two weeks in Salt Lake. Dean was able to work out of the Utah based office for that worked out so great, we can't wait to go again next summer! I was so happy to have a break from the Phoenix heat, and the girls loved being able to play outside and at the park for a change! Thanks to Dean and Nancy for letting us stay with you!

Family pictures

Autumn loved Nancy's flowers...

Nancy made the girls 'tutus' to wear while they practiced their ballet!

Carson with Papa and cousin Gavin