Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I call myself a blogger if I only do it semi annually?
Here is a quick update of what we have been up to since last summer...

Bergstrom family trip to Lake Powell

In August I ran the Hobblecreek half marathon...two days later we found out we're preggers with #4...I thought I was feeling a little funny! 'Baby' due in April (we aren't finding out if it's a boy or girl).
Dean took the girls backpacking and camping and they encountered quite a bit of rain and hail...luckily they are young enough not to mind wearing garbage bags for rain covers!
Wheeler Farm
Carson's favorite game of hiding- he just closes his eyes

Playing in the leaves

Disney's Princesses on Ice with Erica, Cousin Taylor, and Aunt Ashley

snow ball fights!
Lanie was able to join the 'One Voice Children's Choir' has been so fun to go to their performances!

Lanie's first solo

Autumn was 'Suzy Snowflake' at her preschool performance

cuddling with Grandpa at Christmas time

Aunts Diane and Ashley with Lanie and Autumn at Christmas in Vegas

Disneyland last week