Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

This year we were planning to stay home for Thanksgiving, but last minute we decided to go to Vegas to see my family. Partly because we knew we would miss being with our family for the holiday, but I think it was mostly because we all knew that if I had to cook the whole dinner by myself it would be a pretty big let down!
Anyways, we are so glad we went because it was a really fun trip. The weather was great and the company was better. Dean's parents drove down from St. George on Friday to spend the day with us, and we were happy to be able to see them.
The girls stayed busy cooking, playing and painting. On the way home we drove through Lake Havasu City where they have the London Bridge and of course the lake. The kids were all excited to stop and play in the sand a little...except for Carson, he wasn't a big fan of the cold sand. The best part was that the kids were awesome in the car! Thanks to Grandpa and the rest of our family for making it such a fun time, we are so grateful for family and especially for the love they give to our kids.

Autumn on the London Bridge stairs

Lanie painting her jewelry box

Pumpkin pie

Sadly, we burned half the chocolate, but Lanie didn't seem to mind

The London Bridge

with Baby C

Carson protesting the mud