Monday, November 17, 2008

First Lost tooth

Tonight we experienced two 'firsts'- Lanie lost her first tooth, and then she asked if she could "please go to bed" for the first time.
Lanie tripped about six months ago (and every other day since she has learned to walk) and hit her two front teeth on the side of our couch. One of them went crooked but then got firm, and the other just stayed really loose and finally tonight with a little help from Dad it came out. Lanie has been anxiously awaiting this day and is so excited to see what the tooth fairy will bring. What does the tooth fairy bring these days?

Diane's Wedding

So obviously we have some catch up to do, but that is going to have to wait. I wanted to post some pics of my sister, Diane's wedding. She got married in Mesa last weekend and they are now on their way to Mexico! Diane was beautiful, of course, and the wedding was so wonderful. We loved having our family all here and miss them already!
Lanie carrying a bouquet

Erica and Autumn

Me and Carson

Kisses from the girls!

Ashley and Lanie
Our family

Dad and Diane
Baby 'C'
Diane and David

Diane and I
My boys

Bergstrom siblings

Lanie danced the night away when she wasn't at the Chocolate fountain begging for more...she was happy for the opportunity to show off her talent. Those of you who have seen Barbie's 12 Dancing Princesses movie may recognize a few of her moves! (does anyone know how to turn the movies right side up?)